Box Lacrosse Equipment Checklist

Equipment for Safe Box Lacrosse Play

UpdatedSaturday June 10, 2017 byArizona Outlaws Lacrosse.

Box Lacrosse Equipment Checklist

All Players:  Bring plenty of water and Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse practice pinnie (if included in session and distributed at early training).

Player Box Lacrosse Equipment: ‚Äč

  • Mouth guard 
  • helmet 
  • slash/elbow guards 
  • shoulder pads
  • gloves
  • sticks 40"-46" (no long poles)
  • running shoes (no cleats)
  • it is recommended that all players have box lacrosse rib and bicep pads

Goalie Equipment: Helmet (with throat guard), jock, stick, additional goalie equipment is provided at no charge to the player.